Education is Power

Providing Access to Education

Celebrating Your Gifts

It has been another fantastic year for Education is Power. We continue to exceed our expectations for assisting children and young adults with educational needs because of your generous gifts.

* Assisted in the construction of a new school in Bocas del Toro

* Funded the purchase of a SCHOOL BOAT to transport children to school

* Funded a teacher for the local Bahia Honda school

* Established a pre-school serving 3-4 year olds

* Started an English tutoring program for adults - English provides job opportunities

* Provided college tuition for 6 young adults

* Funded 12 students for their secondary education

 * Started a lending library

* Built and maintained a playground

* Provided resources for the classrooms

* Purchased computers

Much has been accomplished, but there is much more to do. As an example, the 25 preschoolers will need funding for high school in a few years. Our work has just begun and we value your partnership.

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